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About Puffer

Puffer is the most trustless liquid staking protocol, specifically designed to address the over-centralization of Ethereum staking.

Puffer's Secure-Signer technology enables permissionless Node Operator (NoOp) participation and prevents slashable offenses, serving as the foundation to build a secure, scalable, and performant stake pool that promotes decentralization.

Any ETH holder can earn passive staking rewards by simply swapping their ETH for Puffer's liquid staking derivative pufETH, which can be sold, traded, redeemed, or put to work in another DeFi protocol.

NoOps enjoy high capital efficiency with a low 2 ETH requirement to join the pool, giving solo validators the edge to compete against large institutional stakers.

How Puffer Works


Puffer's Secure-Signer prevents slashable offenses, protects staked ETH, and provides best-in-class security for a decentralized stake pool.

Low Fees & Liquid

Puffer's LSD (pufETH) provides stakers with a convenient liquid token that accrues value. Holders benefit from shared execution rewards and low fees and can compound yield on DeFi platforms without effort or technical know-how.


The low capital requirement (2 ETH) and permissionless participation allows the pool to scale quickly by a diverse NoOp set, without relying on governance.

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Puffer is approved to recieve a grant from the Ethereum Foundation to build Secure-Signer, an open source software that helps secure validator operations and prevents slashable offenses. Stay tuned for more.

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